Those who tread where others dare not


Making characters for In Ruins is a quick process, done by assembling three elements. First, pick a name for your character from the listed options.

(Depending on the ruin site being explored, there may be other possibilities to choose from as well.)

Character names

Oshe. Bersaba. Carrow. Lyric. Jory. Wenn. Ithris. Briar. Pasha. Tabbot. Rook.


Pilgrims, drawn or driven to set foot within this place


...the Chosen
...the Bold
...the Rugged


...a kindler
...a nomad
...a witness

Looters, enticed by the promise of plunder


...the Shrewd
...the Lean
...the Veiled


...a peddler
...a passkey
...a scavenger

Scholars, seeking to learn and understand


...the Wise
...the Cryptic
...the Lofty


...a curator inkblack
...a stonecutter

Discontents, yearning for a change within themselves


...the Weary
...the Haunted
...the Lastborn


...a sellsword oracle
...a forager

Questers, tasked with a deed that must be done


...the Oathsworn
...the Novice
...the Severe


...a mender
...a warden
...a scout

After you have your given name, from the accompanying sets (or those of the ruin site) select your byname and your vocation, both within the same group. Your final title will be something like the following: “Farri the Cleft, a delver.”


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